Summer 2018 Site Changes

Activity on this site has grinded to a near standstill lately. While there are many reasons for this break in regular posting, it should not be taken as a fact that the site and her lofty goals of providing insight into distinctly Canadian parliamentary matters are dead. In fact, with recent events, I think it is even more important that we maintain a site like this for lay-Canadians who wish to learn more about their own governing system. That being said, I figure that a revamp of some items around here is about due and so I will be making some changes around here moving into the summer.

Here is just a sample of some new features and designs:

  1. We will strive to update the site at least once a week with fresh new content. This may be an editorial with opinions on an issue of the day or with a bulker post about some aspect of parliamentary democracy in Canada;
  2. Categories will be more strictly enforced through-out the site. Categories will generally be used separately unless the subject matter overlaps. All editorials will fall under the editorial category regardless of their content unless they include media from a legitimate news outlet in which case they will include the Fourth Estate category in addition to the Editorial one. On the whole, categories will be used as follows:
    1. Announcements: straight forward, these are announcements from the editors (like this post);
    2. Crown in Parliament: posts about the Crown or legal authority overall in Canada (includes provincial matters);
    3. Senate of Canada: posts about the Senate in Canada or any other ‘upper’ chamber of parliament within the provinces;
    4. House of Commons: post about the House of Commons, government of the day, MPs (excluding provincial governments and legislatures);
    5. Fourth Estate: any content or media (photos, videos, clips, etc) produced and broadcasted by a legitimate media outlet and shared on this blog (the only category that will be linked to an Editorial from time to time); and,
    6. Editorial: any and all posts about opinions on matters of the day or over-arching parliamentary issues of all government levels
  3. Editorials will be published at a greater frequency and will cover a broader range of topics. Every effort shall be made to induce “hot takes” on important issues of the day. The hope with the editorial section is that it generates enough controversial traffic to support the bulkier long-reads about broad parliamentary items.
  4. Links to news stories and video clips of interesting parliamentary matters and issues of the day will be shared more often on this site, again in an effort to drive traffic to the longer reads on this site. These news stories and links will also provide more background context and opinions on issues presented within the blog.
  5. The entire About Page and Fair Use Policy will be rebranded and revamped. The mandate of the blog will be adjusted to include a simple and direct mission statement to the effect of providing an online platform to discuss parliamentary democracy in Canada.
  6. The blog will take a more active stand on the issue of electoral reform and parliamentary reform; two issues which the editorial team firmly believes are of upmost importance in our time.
  7. Posts will be shared on Facebook and Twitter with an eye toward expanded into Tumblr in the future.
  8. We will no longer be maintaining a regularly updated Government Bills post anymore. This information can be easily accessed through LEGISinfo for anyone who is interested in tracking it. This will be part of a larger push to have this blog avoid doubling up on the great work being done by the parliamentary staff in and around the website.

I hope that with the site changes being rolled out into the summer of 2018, we will correct this slight course deviation that has seen a drop in activity and thus traffic on the site overall. There is no question that there is indeed a wealth of issues and ideas concerning parliamentary democracy in Canada that we can cover and dive into on this site, for that reason there is no reason why we cannot be more active around here. I look forward to seeing you around the site!


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