Recommended Books

Jean Chrétien: My Years as Prime Minister 
Chrétien, Jean | 978-0-676-97900-8
The second (and better) autobiography.

The Big Red Machine: How the Liberal Party Dominates Canadian Politics
Clarkson, Stephen | 0-7748-1196-X

Canada’s First Century
Creighton, Donald | 978-0-19-544922-8

Fearful Symmetry: The Fall and Rise of Canada’s Founding Values
Crowley, Brian Lee | 978-1-55470-321-0

Democracy in America and Two Essays on America
De Tocqueville, Alexis | 978-0-14-044760-6

Shopping for Votes: How Politicians Choose Us and We Choose Them
Delacourt, Susan | 978-1-92681-293-9

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
Diamond, Jared | 978-0-393-31755-8
Not directly Canadian, but related thematically to colonized past with British Empire.

The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?
Diamond, Jared | 978-0-670-02481-0
Again, not directly Canadian but significant conceptual links to aboriginal societies in North America.

Stéphane Dion: Against the Current
Diebel, Linda | 978-0-670-06744-2

Citizen of the World: The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau Volume One 1919-1968
English, John | 0-676-97521-6

The Great Degeneration: How Institutions Decay and Economies Die
Ferguson, Niall | 978-1-59420-545-3
Not Canadian but related to government growth and institutional management.

The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution
Fukuyama, Francis | 978-0-374-22734-0
Not directly Canadian but pure political science.

Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy
Fukuyama, Francis | 978-0-374-22735-7
Again, not Canadian but general political science.

The Way It Works: Inside Ottawa
Goldenberg, Eddie | 978-0-7710-3562-3
A good insiders analysis of inside of the Chrétien government.

The Last Act: Pierre Trudeau, the Gang of Eight, and the Fight for Canada
Graham, Ron | 978-0-670-06662-9

John A The Man Who Made Us: The Life and Times of John A. Macdonald Volume One 1815-1867
Gwyn, Richard | 978-0-679-31476-9

Nation Maker: Sir John A. Macdonald His Life, Our Times Volume Two 1867-1891
Gwyn, Richard | 978-0-307-35645-1

Party of One: Stephen Harper and Canada’s Radical Makeover
Harris, Michael | 978-0-670-06701-5

The Morning After: The 1995 Quebec Referendum and the Day that Almost Was
Hébert, Chantal with Lapierre, Jean | 978-0-345-80762-5
Some of the best post-analysis I’ve read.

Death of the Liberal Class
Hedges, Chris | 978-0-307-40082-6

Blood and Belonging
Ignatieff, Michael | 978-0-14-305468-9

Empire Lite
Ignatieff, Michael | 978-0-14-305462-7

Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure in Politics
Ignatieff, Michael | 978-0-345-81326-8
This Ignatieff book sadly no longer contains the gravitas and arrogance of his other works.

The Lesser Evil
Ignatieff, Michael | 978-0-14-305464-1

The Warrior’s Honour
Ignatieff, Michael | 978-0-14-305461-0

Divided Loyalies: The Liberal Party of Canada, 1984-2008
Jeffrey, Brooke | 978-1-4426-1065-1

The Constitution of Canada: An Introduction to its Development and Law
Kennedy, W.P.M. | 978-0-19-900957-2
The best political and legal history of the Constitution I’ve ever read.

Rescuing Canada’s Right: Blueprine for a Conservative Revolution
Kheiriddin, Tasha and Daifallah, Adam | 0-470-83692-X

The Causes of Canadian Confederation
Martin, Ged | 0-919107-25-7

Harperland: The Politics of Control
Martin, Lawrence | 978-0-670-06517-2

Hell or High Water: My Life In and Out of Politics
Martin, Paul | 978-0-7710-5692-5

Canada’s National Security in the Post-9/11 World: Strategy, Interests, and Threats
McDonough, David S. | 978-1-4426-1063-7

Heat: How to Stop the Planet From Burning
Monbiot, George | 0-385-66221-1

When the Gods Changed: The Death of Liberal Canada
Newman, Peter C. | 978-0-307-35826-4
A dark but accurate picture of liberalism in Canada.

Irresponsible Government: The Decline of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada
Rathgeber, Brent | 978-1-4597-283-7-0

Getting into Parliament and After
Ross, George W.
This book is close to one hundred years old, it is an account of the first parliament of Canada. A must read for political junkies.

Danny Williams: The War With Ottawa
Rowe, Bill | 978-1-897317-83-9

The Making of Modern Liberalism
Ryan, Allan | 978-0-691-14840-3

The Right Balance: Canada’s Conservative Tradition
Segal, Hugh | 978-1-55365-549-7

The People’s House of Commons: Theories of Democracy in Contention
Smith, David E. | 978-0-8020-9465-0
A series of essays that hit on serious parliamentary topics.

Across the Aisle: Opposition in Canadian Politics
Smith, David E. | 978-1-4426-1547-2 A very well written collection of essays concerning opposition in Canada and parliamentary systems.

Death or Victory: The Battle of Quebec and the Birth of an Empire
Snow, Dan | 978-0-670-06737-4

Pierre: Colleagues and Friends Talk about the Trudeau They Knew
Southham, Nancy | 0-7710-8168-5

Memoirs Trudeau, Pierre Elliott | 0-7710-8587-7

The Longer I’m Prime Minister: Stephen Harper and Canada, 2006-
Wells, Paul | 978-0-307-36132-5