Announcement: 2017 Site Changes

I’ve been working on a few cosmetic changes with the site that is going to affect postings as well. For example, the weekly Status of Government Business update post will no longer be in post format. It will be a page which can be accessed through the menu above under the Parliament of Canada heading. It will be updated weekly on Sunday evenings and the week prior and following any recess or resumption of business. I will be going through the old Status of Government Business posts and removing them to clean up a bit so you can expect to not see them anymore as well as the tags relevant to those posts (i.e. the bills) will be removed as well.

You may have also already noticed a new logo for the site. This is just part of the rebranding campaign following the acquisition of the Parliament.Blog domain from WordPress. Let me know what you think of the changes.

Announcement: New Site Branding

In light of the recent WordPress release of .blog domains, this site will be rebranded slightly as the result of securing the domain. This means that the header and all references to Crown, Rod and Mace will soon be replaced with Parliament.Blog. We will still be offering the same insight into the law, traditions and customs of the Parliament of Canada as well as our weekly tracking of Government Legislation and occasional editorials. If you have bookmarked, or you are one of those forgetful people who will still access the site via, do not worry, that URL will redirect to the new site without issue at least for the next six months.